Mercurial Conference — Paris 2019

Tuesday, May 28th 2019, from 9.00am to 5.00pm, in Paris

Mercurial is a free distributed Source Control Management system.
It offers an intuitive interface to efficiently handle projects of any size. With its powerful extension system, Mercurial can easily adapt to any environment.

This first edition targets organizations that are currently using Mercurial or considering switching from another Version Control System, such as Subversion.

Attending the conference will allow users to share ideas and version control experiences in different industries and at a different scale.
It is a great opportunity to connect with Mercurial core developers and get updates about modern workflow and features.

Mercurial conference is co-organized by Logilab, Octobus & RhodeCode.

Mercurial's Conference Program

08:30 — Welcome coffee

09:00 — Introduction

10:00 — Coffee break

10:15 — Workflow Session

11:15 — Coffee break

11:30 — Hosting

12:30 — Lunch Break

14:00 — Tooling

15:00 — Coffee Break

15:15 — Scaling

16:00 — Coffee Break

16:15 — Feedback and talk about the future

17:00 — Conference Conclusion

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Mercurial Conference in Paris will take place on Tuesday, May 28th from 9.00am to 5.00pm at Mozilla's headquarters.

16 bis boulevard Montmartre
75009 Paris
See address at OpenStreetMaps

Organizer contact

Mercurial Conference Paris Organization Committee
Logilab - Marla da Silva
104 boulevard Auguste Blanqui
75013 Paris - France
Phone: +33 6 74 81 21 27